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Bored after work, so have a selfie in the middle of the underwear aisle! I love these ahoes; they’re my new favorite work/comfy flat-like pair. 

Also, looking for sunglasses at my local (wealthy as fuck) mall is proving ridiculous. $298 is not a reasonable price for sunglasses. Not even a little bit.

Bored after work, so have a selfie in the middle of the underwear aisle! I love these ahoes; they’re my new favorite work/comfy flat-like pair.

Also, looking for sunglasses at my local (wealthy as fuck) mall is proving ridiculous. $298 is not a reasonable price for sunglasses. Not even a little bit.

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What the Fuck Was I Thinking - Jenny Owen Youngs

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aggressively pours annoyance and residual bad day feelings into researching tarantula care.

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my only clean pair of underwear is a particularly small thong. god help me. god help us all.

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scratch that. the holothele incei doesn’t have urticating hairs, and is a dwarf spider that seems relatively easy to keep. (and it’s communal! adorable.)

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There is nothing more adorable than baby tarantulas.  Just look at those ting bodies and big fuzzy feet!  I need names for these three still.

Holothele incei.  

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3 of my cute baby degus :)

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Just some baby degus to brighten your day

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ALL MY CRITTERS. And believe it or not but almost all of them fit on a single small IKEA shelf above my desk.

You can see pics of them all on my pet tag!


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I’m thinking about maybe getting either a guinea pig pair or a big, fuzzy tarantula. tbh i’ve found tarantulas simultaneously cute, terrifying and awesome for a while now, but the only thing holding me back is the idea of a tarantula potentially shooting itchy hairs into my fingers/hands. not all breeds do it, but it happens that the breed i love most (mexican red-kneed) does do it and i’m a wimpy foolcake Q_Q.

getting blood drawn, teeth pulled, or my eyelids flipped inside out and carved into with a scalpel? No problem! Getting a few mildly itchy hairs shot at me by a typically docile spider? Fuckeverything I’ll be under the bed pls.

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also i woke up randomly (fully awake!!) at 4 am and have been up and about ever since. (by up and about i mean i laid in bed, played fetch with one of the kittens, and downloaded shin megami tensei 5 oops)

it’s strange that this is happening because i went to bed around 1:30ish??????? and should have been absolutely dead to the world for at least 6 hours????

this has been happening a lot lately, though, and i don’t understand it. i usually do wake up during a lighter cycle of sleep (roughly 3 or 6 hrs into sleep) but i still dgi because -after being fully awake and alert for about two hours- i inevitably end up feeling tired again and am able to fall back asleep (and usually do, unless I have an early work shift notunliketheoneihavetodaybahhumbug) for another 2-3 hrs.

what’s the deal, body. like really. why u do dis.

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i know i’m late, but good lord. super smash brothers 3ds/wiiU has not only Chrom, but Lucina, Robin (F and M), Ike AND Marth.

i’m simultaneously flailing and peeing myself in excitement. WHAT A TIME TO HAVE A 3DS JAEBDj/!sjdndn86@-%*!hdj

and it comes out the same month as Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m just praying that DA: I will be playable on my macbook pro. If not, i’ll probably either finally end up shelling out for a gaming pc (bad ending) or otherwise spending much more money than i should (worse ending).

help help why are games so awesome lately

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Dr. Nerdlove Nerds and Male Privilege Part 2

This is one of the most common deflections when the issue of how women are portrayed comes up. It’s known as a false equivalence – the idea that two things presented together as equal when in fact they aren’t. In this case, the idea that just because women have exaggerated physiques doesn’t mean they’re sexist because the men are just as exaggerated too. Of course, this doesn’t work for many reasons. To start with, it assumes – falsely – that the things that women find sexy are the same things that guys find sexy; that is, the exaggerated secondary sex characteristics. But we’ll get to that in a second.

The other issue is the reason for the exaggeration. Comics and games are fantasy true, but the fantasy aspect differs when it comes to male and female characters. Male characters are a power fantasy; the large muscles and massive torsos are visual signs that this character is an unstoppable powerhouse. Kratos doesn’t look the way he does because Sony Computer Entertainment did focus-market studies and found that women reacted best to that design; he looks the way he does because he represents the powerful alpha-male that gamers want to be.

The women, on the other hand, are sexual fantasies. These are the rewards for the player – the character’s love-interest, the motivation to complete the game. They’re designed as eye-candy; they’re intended as something to be consumed, not something to escape into. Women like to fantasize about being desirable yes, but they also like to be powerful, and their definition of what they would consider to be sexy and powerful doesn’t mean battle-bikinis and thongs of power.

But hey, I’m a guy. It’s easy for me to sit here and proclaim what women find sexy, but I could be talking out of my ass. So why not take it to the source? I put out a completely unscientific poll on Facebook and Twitter about characters that women find sexy – video games, comics, anime, whatever. And the results? Well, let’s compare.

Up top we have the exaggerated figures that are supposedly sexy.

And here are the characters my female readers find sexy:


Notice a trend here? These are not the massive beefcakes alpha-males that are supposedly as equally objectified as Kasumi, Ayane or Ivy. These men have longer torsos with much leaner builds; they’re built like swimmers rather than weight-lifters. They’re not men who scream “unstoppable physical power”. They’re lithe and dextrous, not barrel-chested juggernauts with treestumps for limbs.

And the other critical factor: it’s not just their builds that make them sexy. Gambit, for example is attractive because of his personality and his situation; he’s tortured because he can’t physically touch the woman he loves. Nightcrawler is the laughing swashbuckler, full of wit and flirty charm. Jareth is dark and mysterious and just a little dangerous and oozes sexuality.

Yes, the men are exaggerated as much as the women. But it’s the intent and the message that make all of the difference.

The part I find most baffling about the claims that men suffer from the same objectification and sexualization as women is I can never, for the life of me, think of a popular product that has:

  • Plot essential scenes taking place inside a male strip bar, a strip bar that is introduced with loving panning shots over the performers bodies.
  • Sincere marketing campaigns for non-romantic productions focusing entirely on the sexual characteristics and flirtatious manner of the male lead.
  • A scandal where it turns out the creators accidentally released imagery of a male lead nude, imagery that never needed to be created for the production in the first place.
  • A video game rumor that there’s a key function to unlock “naked mode” so you can see the male protagonist running around naked

Part of the reason why some people seem to think that men are sexualized is, ironically, because male sexuality is so rarely put on display as enticement that it creates a mirage effect.  People who assume it must be there start seeing it everywhere rather than realizing it’s just not there.

Good think Bikini Armor Battle Damage is here to help out.

- wincenworks

What I find most funny about the argument that men are objectified in comics and video games (the implication being that the guy making this argument doesn’t give a shit, so women should shut up too) is that the majority of the time, if you present the guy making this argument with a REAL example of the female gaze (and to a lesser extent the gay male gaze) they immediately get super uncomfortable. It doesn’t even have to be as exaggerated an example as when Shortpacked! tackled this subject; look at all the straight male readers who get upset about Nightwing’s ass. 

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the more comfortable i get expressing myself genuinely on tumblr, the sillier and stupider my posts get

(…and the happier i am about the whole thing)

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In joking banter with my friends:

“No way there’s an idiot like that”

But the truth is, deep in my heart

I was screaming

"That’s me! What I was!"

I thought that the “Monthly” thing I saw in the parking lot

Was the company’s name…

For the longest time…


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